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Available  Cuddle Buddies

We have adorable Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Short Hair kittens ready to be welcomed into your home.

    I have made some changes as of 4/27/2023

Kittens are only available to those that live in the Continental US.


To acquire one of my kittens you must agree to follow my instructions and when you purchase your kitten abide by the contract you sign that is dated. You must also agree to never declaw your cat or kitten due to the CFA code of ethics and the risk of future muscle, tendon, and skeletal health problems. A deposit must be placed to reserve a kitten. Deposits are non-refundable but go towards the purchase price of your kitten. Deposits are not refunded if you change your mind. There is a lot of cost to board and relist kittens and other expenses to advertise and find adoptive families.


There is a lot of hard work and investment in what I do. If for some reason, I can't fulfill your order within two years I will refund your deposit ( for instance you reserved female and only males were born. That usually doesn't happen, but it could. I can't control nature ) You are only allowed to pass on an available kitten once. I have to plan out my breeding's and everyone deciding to wait puts me in hardship and I have to start looking for new families last minute. The older a kitten is the harder they are to place. It costs money to board a kitten past the time they are projected to leave. Food, litter, vet expense, supplements, heartworm prevention meds, extra wormings, and proper containment not to mention advertising again, photo shoots and grooming and many hours interviewing people. You may refuse a kitten offered once and move to the next litter ( for reasons like family emergency, death, job loss, new baby, moving )  but refusing a kitten twice, you forfeit your deposit.  I am a Hobby Breeder not a big establishment. I strive for quality over quantity. I put my heart and soul into my cats and kittens. I try to take good care of my families and treat people fairly. I ask for the same respect. Have a beautiful day.

WE HAVE KITTENS!  Check my Instagram for updated kitten info and pics!  Royal_Legacy_Cattery

Meet The Kittens - Three Available of this group. Ready to take home at the end of this month November 2023! CFA Registered, Healthy, socialized, disease free, fungal free cattery in my own home.

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