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Available  Cuddle Buddies

We have adorable Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Short Hair kittens ready to be welcomed into your home.

    I have made some changes as of 4/27/2023

Kittens are only available to those that live in the Continental US.


A $250 deposit must be placed to be put on my waiting list. A deposit of $600 must be placed to reserve a specific kitten and mark them as reserved. The fee and deposit are non-refundable and goes towards the full purchase price. Your deposit will go towards the full purchase price of your kitten. If you change your mind there is time and expense involved in relisting kittens. If you place the $250 fee to join mt waiting list, then you only pat $350 to reserve a specific kitten when I call you announcing the birth of a litter. If you have not joined my waiting list, and a kitten is available, and you want to reserve said kitten, the full deposit is $600 and will need to be paid to claim your kitty.

I only sell full CFA registration and breeding rights to established breeders with good reputations or new cat fanciers who meet my criteria.

Litters are currently arriving. This page will be updated shortly. Keep an eye out.

Meet The Kittens

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