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safety first

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I do not give out my personal information like residence, CFA paperwork, or other information that creates a paper trail back to my home, kids' schools, or my place of employment due to safety reasons. I am a parent and take my responsibility seriously. Most people would feel the same way and understand this.


   I need a deposit or identification from new owners before sharing my personal information because breeders are being victimized by criminals stealing our info and pics to create false advertisements, or worse. Some breeders have been burglarized, stalked, and even killed. This is the reality of having an online presence and a valuable desired item. (Precious Kittens).


    I address this more below, and why you can100% trust me. I do share info once I know who you are, and you have placed a deposit. I have an advertisement on the CFA website, contact me if you are going to contact the CFA. I will help you. You need my cattery number and my legal name. I do not share my legal last name with the public. Buying a kitten is a process of earning trust both ways. It is risky both ways due to unscrupulous people. The reality of internet shopping for a kitten is not for everybody, and that's okay. That is why I place most of my kittens locally. Please read below...........



Hello friends,

    Welcome to my furry little website. If you are here looking for a kitten, you may have already found out the hard way about scammers. Some estimates claim that as much as 90% of kitten advertisements or websites are bogus. This is a real problem for potential kitten families and also for ethical breeders. Scammers are hurting everyone, even kittens needing to be matched with good families. 

     There are plenty of websites with good advice on how to spot and avoid kitten scams. Please read up! If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. I am not going to expound on this subject, but instead help you see that you are safe to trust me and my home cattery.

1.   My Cattery (Royal Legacy) is Registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) and I have an advertisement on their breeders list. You can NOT advertise with CFA without having a registered litter and entering the litter registration number. 

2.   I went through a process to get certified through the respected "Cat Kingpin" website and I am searchable on their database. My Registered Cattery name is "Royal Legacy " and I am currently the only CFA Persian breeder in Oklahoma that is certified. 

3.   I have a veterinarian that inspects each kitten to ensure a clean bill of health and you get these records and contact info. My Vet Clinic has a Facebook page and posted one of my kittens.


3.    I have spent a lot of money on my cats, supplies, supplements, veterinary care, website, registries, advertisements, and business supplies. No scammer would invest as much as I have.

4.   I have a very detailed comprehensive legal contract and health guarantee.

5.  I have good references and happy kitten families. 

6.   I prefer meeting new families in person for the transfer of their kitten and final payment that day.

7.   I am willing to live chat, and I am going to start going live on Instagram with kittens.

8.   I prefer talking on the phone instead of texting. When you hear my voice, you will know that I am a true good ole friendly down to earth "Okie" not a scammer in another country. Boomer Sooner Yall!

      I hope this helps and provides the reassurance you need to contact me about one of my beautiful babies. :-)

     On a side note, scammers try to harm us as well. They steal our pictures, copy our websites and use our statements as their own. They pretend to be us! As frustrating as this is, it gets worse.


     The truth is that there are dangerous people out there that sneak onto breeders' properties and break into their homes trying to steal cats and kittens to sell as their own. This is common. Some of these malicious people stalk breeders and their families. Sadly, breeders have been robbed, raped and some killed. I have already been confronted by a very disturbed individual who insisted on coming to my home. When I declined, he became violently angry, threatened me, and sent several harassing emails. 


      I kindly ask for you to put yourself in my shoes. My kittens are my little jewels, I am not going to disclose my home address where I keep my jewels and where my family and children live. In my opinion it is the responsible thing to do to protect myself, children, property and felines. I also have a responsibility to all of my kitten families to keep their kittens safe from predators before their adoption day. I can't take unnecessary risks, and I thank you in advance for understanding. 

     Lastly, unfortunately, there are breeders using unethical tactics to steal potential kitten families from other breeders. If a breeder is speaking despairingly of other breeders and sowing seeds of doubt in your mind, and "warning" you of other breeders, use caution. Some discredit good breeders due to the length of time they have been with the CFA claiming that if they haven't been breeding cats for many years, they are a lesser choice. This is not true. Typically, these claims come from breeders that are not even registered or have been kicked out of the CFA.


     Any breeder that would need to use such negative tactics to find someone to buy their kitten is really the one with something to hide. Breeders of integrity do not bad mouth and try to steal clients. Ethical breeders are not greedy, and they hope everyone does well.

     All of that being said, I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a beautiful day!

                                                                -   Mary Wells

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